Tanzanian ambassadors abroad have launched their annual Kilimanjaro expedition in a bid to promote tourism sector in the country. The Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation Hon. Bernard Membe who launched the expedition said this will be an annual event and ambassadors from the neighboring countries will also be invited in the future.

Membe said that effective promotion of Mount Kilimanjaro would result in increasing the number of tourist arrivals in Tanzania. “I congratulate ambassadors for your initiative to join efforts to promote tourism sector which has a significant contribution to the economy of our country.
He insisted on the need to create awareness to the locals so as to encourage domestic tourism, which according to the available statistics the number is still very low.

A total of 14 ambassadors are participating in the Kilimanjaro expedition which will be an annual event aimed at promoting the mountain and they include Adadi Rajabu (Malawi); Ramadhani Mwinyi (United Nations); John Kijazi (India); Batilda Burian (Kenya); Shamim Nyanduga (Mozambique); Grace Mujuma (Zambia); na Patrick Tsere (Malawi).

Others are Mbarouk Mbarouk (Saudi Arabia); Joseph Sokoine (Director of the America Department); Ladislaus Komba (Uganda); Aziz Mlima (Malaysia); Radhia Msuya (South Africa); Daniel Ole Njoolay (Nigeria); Mbarouk Nassor Mbarouk (United Arab Emirates); Celestine Mushy (Director for Multilateral Cooperation’s) and Charles Sanga (retired ambassador and the Chairman of the Tanzania Tourist Board).