ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Mwinyi has tasked the recently appointed Tanzanian ambassadors to prioritise economic diplomacy.

Dr Mwinyi met with the country's envoys at the State House recently, insisting that among their key duties is to give optimum priority to economic diplomacy, so that both Zanzibar and Mainland can lure more investors for economic benefits.

The Isles leader told the ambassadors that as the country battles to cast off the shackles of Covid-19, economic diplomacy should come at the top of their duties while representing Tanzania abroad.

According to a press statement from the State House, President Mwinyi asked the ambassadors to promote Tanzania, including Zanzibar as the best place for investments due to the various opportunities and a conducive investment climate in the country, including good infrastructure, peace, stability and friendly laws.

"Continue to advertise and promote Zanzibar; there are still many opportunities in the tourism industry that need to be explored... we also need to promote the blue economy concept. Tourism is the most highly regarded sector as it has been instrumental in GDP growth, therefore it remains a priority," he insisted.

He said that among the countries that have shown interest to invest in the country, is Turkey but insisted it was imperative all ambassadors to continue promoting Tanzania across the globe, especially the United States, where it shows that Tanzania has not yet been well advertised as the number of tourists coming to visit the country are still very few.

President Mwinyi expressed optimism that Tanzania stands a better future in the tourism sector after "The Royal Tour" documentary, which has involved President Samia Suluhu Hassan for promoting the country especially in the tourism industry, will further advertise Tanzania in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa.

In addition, President Mwinyi explained that tourism and the blue economy are among the key sectors that have been strategically targeted by the eighth phase government for massive promotion to help propel the country's economy.

He also stressed the need to strengthen the business sector, so that Tanzania can export its products more than it imports, which will in the end help to expand the labour market and create job opportunities.

President Mwinyi further underscored the importance of strengthening cooperation, to ensure long lasting peace and stability, especially in all countries bordering Tanzania.

The ambassador includes Elsie Sia Kanza, who has been posted to the United States, Ambassador Lieutenant General Yakoub Hassan Mohamed (Turkey) and Ambassador Mahmoud Thabit Kombo to Italy.

The list also had Ambassador Hoyce Temu who has been posted to Switzerland, Ambassador Major General Richard Makanza (Rwanda) and Ambassador Grace Olotu, who will serve in Sweden. In reply to Dr Mwinyi, the ambassadors assured that they will put into practice the economic diplomacy policy especially by recognising that this is the vision of Tanzania right now.

Ambassadors Kombo and Kanza, on behalf of their colleagues, praised President Mwinyi for his leadership and vowed to deliver on his instructions.